How to Manage Hulu Watch History

Hulu watch History

Hulu watch History is easy to view and manage, If you want to View, Delete or Manage your Hulu History as well as want to customize as what should be shown on your Home Screen of Hulu app then follow this guide. We are going to show you the exact steps to View and Perform various operations on your Hulu History. Previously, We also wrote about the error code p-dev 320 which causes when watching videos on Hulu.

Hulu is a very well and popular Video Streaming website and is considered as the top competitor of apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Once Subscribed, Users can watch thousands of Movies and TV Shows for as low as $5.99 per month. You can find a lot of Popular TV Shows and Movies from all over the world.

How To View Hulu Watch History:

To See Your Watch history on Hulu, You have to head over to “Keep Watching” Collection and then select “All Watch History”. Here you can see all your Account’s Watch history and manage it from here.

If you want to watch shows or Movies where you left them, Just click on the TV Show or Movie and it will automatically start from where you left it. Unfortunately, there is still no option to download your watch history on Hulu.

How To Remove a TV Show or a Movie From your Hulu Watch History

Another feature that users demanded was to remove a particular TV Show or Movie from their Hulu Watch History. If you are also looking for the same then here is a guide.

Remove TV Shows or Movies from your Watch History.

For Desktop Users

  1. Go to and Log in with your Credentials (If required).
  2. Head over to the “Keep Watching” Section.
  3. Move your cursor over a movie’s or TV Show’s thumbnail and click the “X” icon to remove that Movie/TV series from your Watch History List.
  4. Finally, click “Done” to Apply the Changes.

For Mobile UsersĀ 

  1. Open your Hulu Movie App.
  2. Head over to “Keep Watching >> All Watch History“.
  3. Click on the three dots icon on a Movie or TV Series that you want to remove and click on the “Remove From Watch History” Option.
  4. Finally, click “Confirm” to Apply the Changes.

For TV Users

  1. Open Hulu App on your Smart TV.
  2. Click on the TV Show or Movie’s Thumbnail to open its details page.
  3. Click on the option which says “Manage Movie” or “Manage Series“.
  4. Click on the “Remove from watch history” option.
  5. Hit the confirm Button to remove that specific Movie/TV show from your watch history list on Hulu.

Delete All Watch History Associate with your Hulu Account and Profiles.

To Completely remove watch History from all your Hulu Profiles, Follow these steps:

  1. Visit From your Computer.
  2. Sign-in with your Credentials (If Asked)
  3. Go to the “Accounts” Tab.
  4. Under Privacy and Settings, Select “California Privacy Rights”.
  5. Look for Manage Activity and select “Watch History >> Clear Selected“.

Final Words:

We have covered all the ways that are available to access your Watch history on Hulu. There are different ways to obtain and manage your Watch history on Different devices.

Hulu users can See watch history of their account or any specific profile, Manage watch History, remove individual TV show/Movie or complete watch list from their profile using the methods given above.


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