[Working] How to Fix Hulu Error Code p-dev320 , p-dev318, and p-dev322

Fix Hulu Error Code p-dev320

One of the most common errors people face on popular Video streaming websites is “Error Code p-dev320. The error is common for people who use the HULU video streaming app to watch online TV Shows and Movies.

Hulu is a Popular TV Shows, Movies and Web series streaming service available on all the devices. Hulu is popular among the young generation because of its Young-minded content and cheap prices compared to its popular competitors like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

We received a lot of questions about “Hulu Error Code p-dev320” and it generally occurs when you are in between a movie or a series. Even if you try to exit and replay the video you will see this error popping up instantly. Many People Face this error even if their subscription is active or their app is up to date. Other error codes like p-dev322 and p-dev318 are caused by a similar issue.

There are many reasons for Code p-dev320 error to occur and today we are going to list some of those with the solution.

Common reasons for Error Code p-dev320 to occur:

Sometimes the service gets updated including video player, UI, and other scripts so it is always recommended to update your app and use the latest version of it. Other reasons may include WIFI Keeps Disconnecting or poor network connection, Power saving mode is on or the Hulu Servers are down and unable to respond to your video request query. Whatever the reason may be but it will definitely make your streaming experience worse. Below are such reasons we listed out to identify your exact issue and try solving it by any of the method(s) below.

A lot of Roku Ultra box users also reported the same problem while paying the HULU app on their Smart TV. The biggest reason for this error on Smart TVs is because the HULU server is not able to respond or is down and you have to wait for a few minutes and then play the video again. You can always contact Hulu customer service who will assist you to fix this issue by finding out the exact cause for this error

  • Outdated Hulu App.
  • Internet Not Working.
  • Problem with Mobile Video Player.
  • Hulu Servers not responding.

Solve Hulu Error Code p-dev320 on your device

There are many ways to solve this error. You can try basic troubleshooting like Updating the app or trying a different device or a browser to access HULU and then try and load the Movie or TV show and check if it’s working properly or not. You can go along this tutorial and try using each method individually to detect your issue and solve it.

Solution #1: Update your Hulu App

If you are using the Hulu app on your Android, iPhone, or Smart TV then you should see if there is an update available. A lot of the times the newer version comes with a lot of bugs and error fixes and you should immediately update the app to its latest version.

Updating the application is quite easy. If you are an android user then open your “Play store” app and click on My Games & Apps option from the slider menu and check for applications whose updates are available. iPhone users can directly go to “App Store” and search for the app to check if it offers any new update. Smart TV owners will get a notification about new app releases when they will try to open the “Hulu App” on your Television Set.

Solution #2: Check your Internet Connection

Many times people forget about their poor network connection because of which Hulu servers are not able to send you data packets properly thus causing increased Video streaming speed. When the Video player keeps loading for a longer duration an automated system will terminate it just to stop getting it into the loop.

To solve this error please check if your WIFI or Cellular data is working properly and is providing you the necessary speed to stream videos online.

Solution #3: Clear your App Cache Files

Cache or cookies are stored on your device for a temporary purpose. It basically downloads and keeps a copy of some web document which the app needs to load. For example, it will download the Video ad file for a temporary purpose and then delete it once you have seen the ad. Such files might get corrupt in the process and you need to clean then regularly.

How to Clear your Hulu App Cache Files.

Android users: Android users can Go to the “Setting” option and click on All Apps. From the Application, list click on “Hulu” and then Storage. Click on the Clear Cache button and restart your Hulu App.

iOS users: Go to “Settings” >> General >> Storage and search for Hulu App. Delete the application and install it again from the App Store.

Roku users: There are no cache files on the Roku Ultra Box. Rather you can try to Reinstall the application or restart your TV to give it a reset.

Solution #4: Contact Hulu Customer Service.

If non of the above-given solutions work for you then you might need to contact the Hulu Tech customer support service directly and ask them to solve your problem. This error is also caused by the server failure or because the server is not responding in such case you have to wait for the servers to go live and stream your service again. You can get in touch with them by clicking on this link.


The company is trying to solve the Error Code p-dev320 issue but till then we have to try and use all the latest techniques and solutions to solve this error on our device. If the error is directly from the server-side then you have to wait for a few minutes or hours depending upon the time it takes for the team to Distribute the traffic among different servers to find a backup server.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


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