Discord Mic Not Working – Solved

Discord mic not working

Mic not working on Discord is a common problem faced by a lot of Gamers who use Discord for communication. The problem is not new and the team behind discord is constantly working on it to find a permanent fix. However, If your mic is not working properly on discord then we have some workarounds for you that you can try.

Discord is a fun way of connecting with your Friends or Colleagues in a private chat room and share thoughts with each other. Discord is a new generation VOIP Service that is loved by a lot of gamers, Websites, Forums, Product services, and even for the Live meetings. Discord is everywhere and its popularity is growing more and more. It lets you create your own private chat room on your server and only connect with those people who get your invite link.

Discord is also popular among the gamers community. A lot of gamers use Discord to connect with each other while in a game-play. As discord is free and easy to use it is considered as the best alternative to Skype.

How to Fix: Discord Mic Not Working

There are many ways to fix the Discord mic problem. As we have a lot of solutions so do the problems, and you have to identify the exact issue and find a solution for it. Here are Some common solutions to fix Discord mic not working error.

Method 1: Use Basic Troubleshooting Methods

We all know that there are times when we make a small mistake which results in such issues so it’s always better to cross-check the connections or settings which are easy to check and fix.

Here are some of them

  1. Try Removing your Audio/Headphones jack and plugging it back. Check if the wire is properly plugged.
  2. Try Closing Discord Desktop app completely and reopen it.
  3. Try Updating your Discord Desktop app to the latest version.

If you have already done the basic troubleshooting and or sure that your problem is not related to this then please proceed further with this guide.

Method #1: Check for Correct “Voice setting”

Discord needs to identify the default Mic and Output devices before it can connect to them. It might use your Computer’s Default Mic or your Headphones Mic (Whichever is available.) But if both the Mics are available then you have to manually set which Mic you want to use.

To Change the Voice settings in discord.

  1. Open Discord On your Computer and click on the Gear like icon as shown in the image. discord mic not working windows 10
  2. Whenever you see the box which says “Discord Wants to use your Microphone” With Allow and Block Option, Always click Allow. click allow to discord mic
  3. Now from the Left-side menu select, “Voice & Video” Setting. and Under this setting search for “Input Device.”
  4. Under Input Device click on the Drop-Down List and Select your Desired Input device. mic not working on discord4. Also, Make Sure to adjust the “Input Sensitivity” bar so that other people can hear you.

Now close your Discord App and open it again. Check if the Mic problem is resolved. Otherwise, follow the above steps till you open “Voice & Video” Setting and Scroll to the bottom and look for the “Reset Voice Setting” button.

Click on the button to Reset the Voice settings to Default and check again.

Method #2: Update your Audio Drivers

Audio drivers are used as a part of Software that operates with your Hardware device and provides the necessary software and Program packages. Sometimes outdated Audio drivers or audio drivers that contain bugs might cause the issue for your Mic to not function properly.

Updating the Audio Drivers will solve your issue.

  1. Go to the Windows Search box and search for “Device Drivers.”
  2. Look for “Audio Drivers” and click on it.
  3. Select Audio driver and Right-Click on it.
  4. From the Drop-down options select, “Update Drivers”.
  5. Click Next and Windows will automatically look for the update.
  6. Restart Your Computer.

Method #3: Allow Discord to Use Microphone on Browser

Discord users who use the website version of discord might want to allow Discord to use their microphone on Browser. To check if you have allowed Access to Discord or not, click on the Lock or “i” icon which appears on the URL Bar just before the Discord URLAllow discord to use mic

Make sure that you have set “Allow” as your option as shown in the image above.

Method #4: Reinstall Discord Desktop App

It is always better to keep your software updated to their latest versions. This will not only eliminate the bugs but also will help you to get introduced to the latest features and functionality.

For Removing Discord on Windows.

  1. Click on Windows icon and search for “Control Panel”
  2. Click on the Control Panel icon and open it.
  3. Go to Programs >> Uninstall Programs.
  4. Select Discord and click on the “Uninstall” button.
  5. Go to Discord.com and install a new version.

If you are still experiencing the issue even after trying the above troubleshooting solutions then try using a different input device for Mic or if you are using your default computer’s mic then change it to the headphone’s Mic and check again.

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