How to Save Snapchat Videos on your Mobile

How to Save Snapchat Videos on your Mobile

Snap gets deleted instantly after you see them while the stories are up and visible for 24 hours. Any snap or Story shared on Snapchat does not last longer than 24 hours even on the Snapchat servers.

This Content expiration feature is one of its major features as well as its drawback.  Although you can always save your stories or snaps but when it comes to downloading someone else’s story the process becomes complex. Snapchat doesn’t let you save snaps or Stories directly to your device. But there are other ways to save them on your device but the process is lengthy.

Snapchat is a great way to connect with your friends and family. Also, a lot of celebrities and influencers use this tool to connect with their audience and share their thoughts with them. Another reason for Snapchat’s popularity is Filters. Snapchat offers one of the best video filters to its users. There are a lot of different filters and modes you can use while sharing videos on the app.

In this article, we are going to show you how you can save Snapchat stories and Snaps on your Android as well as iOS Devices.

How to save a Snapchat video on Android

It is easy to save Snapchat videos in camera roll if you have recorded it. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open Snapchat on your Android device.
  2. Open Snapchat Camera and shoot your Video or Photo.
  3. Click your Photo/Video and Click on the ‘tick’ sign at the bottom of your screen to save the Snap.
  4. Open your Gallery App and go to ‘All Images’ Folder.

Here you can see that the snap you just took is saved in the Galley. You can share it with your friends on other social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram.

You can also save the video which you have already captured. For that go to your Snaps >> Recently added option and click on “Export Snap” and Save the snap to your Gallery.

How to save a Snapchat video on iPhone

For iPhone users, the process is pretty straightforward and you don’t have to save anything on your device as the snaps get automatically saved in your Camera Rolls Folder.

However, if you want to save snaps sent to you by someone else then the process is different for both the Operating Systems. You can not save snaps or stories directly into your phone.

Don’t worry we have found a simple solution for you by which you can capture the snaps and store them on your device. You can also Crop, Edit, and export them to different platforms.

How to save a Snapchat video from someone else

To save Snapchat videos sent by someone else you can use Screen recorder apps on both Android as well as iPhone devices. It is not a perfect solution for this problem but the majority of people use the Screen sharing apps for this purpose.

Also if you are using the Screen recorder app then no one will know that you are recording their Snaps or stories as it does not notify Snapchat. The Screen Recordings captured using the apps will be saved in your Gallery App.

You can download and use any Screen sharing app such as AZ Screen Recorder or EZ Screen Recorder for Android and Record it or Techsmith Capture for iPhones.


It is really easy to save snaps and stories captured by you. On Android, you can simply save it from the App itself by exporting them to your Gallery or Camera roll while Snapchat videos on iPhone get saved automatically but when it comes to Saving snaps sent by someone else, there is no proper and Straightway. You have to use Apps such as AZ Screen recorder or Record it to record your screen and edit the useless part afterward to only get the proper snap video.


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